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Help Make a Difference in Our Community!

Originally shared December 13, 2017. On behalf of our officers, the Richardson Police Officers’ Association FOP Lodge #105 is asking you today for your support. While our nation is facing unprecedented times, we are thankful for our community who has stayed strong and united and we value the support you have shown our officers. Donate Here Today! The Richardson Police Officers’ Association FOP Lodge #105 is dedicated to safety and improving our community, but we need your help! Your support will allow us to continue to fund the much-needed areas within our community, such as: Police Officer Memorial & Survivors Funds,...


A Deadly Epidemic that has a Cure

Originally shared July 3, 2018. Drunk Driving: A Humanistic Profile of Lost Lives in Texas is an impactful site that has been brought to our attention with statistics and personal stories of Texans killed in drunk driving accidents.As the Richardson Police Officers’ Association FOP Lodge #105, we unfortunately encounter drivers under the influence. We want to remind our supporters that the decision to drive while drunk can be the reason a life is ended.Read the stories of victims, become informed of the statistics, and sign the pledge not to drive under the influence.This Fourth of July, plan ahead and take a...


CopLine aiding Law Enforcement 24/7

The internal emotional/psychological struggle of Law Enforcement officers is immense and unfortunately, more often than not, goes by unspoken or unnoticed. CopLine is here to change that. They offer the world's only 24/7 and 100% completely confidential helpline for officers and their families. On the other end of each phone call is a vetted retired police officer to ensure your voice is not only heard but understood. They are a true not-for-profit company built on the foundation of volunteers who just want to give back to their police families. Learn more about the team, their cause, and more in this video we helped...